Design Service


T-One has own branding since 2007. We have complete product line and series with strong marketing plan. We have distributer in the world-wide and keep growing every year. Every year we have different marketing plan which is the best support for all the dealers and distributor. For those who are interesting to sell T-One's products, they don't have to waste their time on making the marketing plan because T-One has already planned it for them. T-One does not sell the products only; we also provide sells tool like poster, catalog, and demonstration frame which lead the products can promote itself without any effort from the dealer or distributor.


Regarding the company who is doing OBM already, but needs to inject the new design energy, T-One provides a "Original Design manufacture (ODM) service, no matter is the outlook or the functional structure of products, as long as you tell us about your idea or demand, we will have the complete set of creation or solution. From the design to the mass production goods, T-One will let you have no extra worries.

If you only need the pure design service, T-One can do that, too. No matter it is decal graphic design or the product outlook design (Industrial design), we have a very professional team and we only provide the high quality service without doubt. Graphic design including pattern color, the color plan, and also includes the enterprise to distinguish designs (CIS). The product design service's does not limit to the bicycle related field; from the consumption electronic products to the transportation vehicle; T-One can provide all the service which makes you very satisfies.