D&I Award

TRI (T-FT06)

Seeking the balance of usability and portability in one folding tool, T-ONE has finally released a new TRI folding tool series in 2017.
With patented triaxial transforming mechanism, TRI offers 4 operation modes for easier use while staying compact and lightweight.



PRO-MASK is a multifunctional headwear based on the innovative concept, featuring a stitch-less double layer structure composed of bamboo charcoal and Lycra fabric.
Synergy of bamboo charcoal and Lycra fabric sparks the concept of PRO-MASK, which is breathable, stretchable, deodorant, air-filtering and windproof.
Various utilizations not only fulfill the needs of cyclists but also outdoor enthusiasts, keeping you away from smog, sun burn, sweat and bone-chilling wind, giving you a whole new sensation of delight and health.


FIT (T-BC01)

FIT, a variable geometry bottle cage, using a turning knob to change the angle of the cage to fit the different size of bottle.
It could adjust anytime without auxiliary tools. The diameter of the cage allows the bottle size from 64 mm to 85mm to securely carry.
FIT almost fit most drinking bottle in the market.



TWINS is a multiple function folding tool , the main feature of TWINS is the easy handle of chain breaker that most folding tools don't have.
It provides a sufficient leverage and nice gripping sensation to operate the chain breaker without compromising on the size of the tool.
It is compact while folded and each tool can be operated without any interference and still have great grip.



The cage is shaped by light weight pressed aluminum which weight only 24g.
It provides a strong and high rigidity body to hold the bottle.
The variable fitting angle is suitable for both right and left handed user by adjusting the bolt position.



The flexibility of this plastic cage is able to hold the different sizes of bottles naturally without any set up.



UNDERCOVER, a wireless bicycle burglarproof device, consists of master unit and slave unit. it can be easily mounted under the bottle cage.
Both units will alert cyclist with siren up to 100db when someone moves bikes.