T-ONE is first founded in 2007 in Taichung, Taiwan. Locating in the major city of bicycle world and being full of great enthusiasm about cycling, T-ONE, identify ourselves as a design company, fully devotes to bicycle market with our own brand "T-ONE". There is no doubt that T-ONE is a company/brand consists of 100% Taiwan elements, and we are proud of it. We are proud of having T-ONE products designed in house by Taiwanese designers. We are proud of having T-ONE products Made in Taiwan. We are proud to say, the "T" from T-ONE stands for TAIWAN.

Wishing to be the most influential design company/brand in the bike industry, T-ONE holds a strong philosophy in mind - "Creation for solution." This concept has been shown on all T-ONE product series. We design and make our own, unique T-ONE products that you find nowhere else but T-ONE. We do not simply focus on fancy looks, but strive for functional innovations instead; which eventually leads to product improvements and problem solutions. As we believe, "The value of creation comes from its ingenuity".

Bicycle world has been quiet and low profile for a while, and in 2016/17, T-ONE decides to carry in more products with a variety categories. Other than bottle cage and grips we have been doing since 3 years ago. T-ONE now also providing the parts of apparel such as the innovative multifunctional headwear, a Double Layer headwear (Lycra + Bamboo), which provides you a DOUBLE protection while cycling.

Through our wider variety of featured products, we are eager to share our passion for cycling with you. Through all the thoughtfulness of our products, we are eager to provide you with a better ride. Now, just set up your bicycle with T-ONE. Let's have a ride!