The modular kit allows different combinations for different utilities. With built-in track and cleats , the rack cage and bag can be installed
fast and easily.
The quick release mounts on supporting legs are easy to handle as well.
Overall, FLUNKY provides an simple and convenient carrier option for cyclists.

Material - Heat-treated AluminumReinforced plastic 

Weight - 1300g

Finish / Color - Matt silver、Anodized Black

Max. 25kg

- Fit seatpost from 25.4mm to 31.8mm
- Reflector attachable
- Supporting-legs with QR
- Compatible with T-BG01
Adjust length of legs.

Adjust legs position.

Squeeze the buckle and push the rack backward.

Slide the rack out.

Slide the bag in along the rail untill the buckle is locked.

Compatible with CAPA / T-BG01